Our Team vs An Agent

Not a Mere Agent but a Great Team

One thing that makes Azroy Group stand out among other real estate firms is the way we embrace the power of teamwork. We combine the unapparelled negation skills and market knowledge of   Azroy Group with our professionals who possess a proven track record of significant achievements through teamwork. Azroy Group is leading the market in redefining the place of the traditional-broker-agent business model.

Power in the Team

The challenge with most real estate brokerage firms is that each agent operates as an individual. Competing with colleagues creates an unhealthy environment that is not good for the business. Such competition makes each agent to place his or her selfish interests before the needs of the client and firm.

This business model has been in place ever since the invention of the real estate industry. One shocking revelation is that most real estate companies still hold onto this mode of operation. Azroy Group has gone a step higher by working as a team. We treat each customer to be a client to all of us.

We have been able to tremendously grow the business with a few agents and small support staff. What comes out clear is that a team achieves more when they work together than when each of them acts independently. We continue to function as a group that is closely knit together for the overall good of our clients, staff, and entity.

Therefore, Azroy Group is the game changer in the real estate industry. We will co-list your property with respected real estate practitioners who have a clear track record of success or one of our agents who have remarkable resumes in accounting, finance, and business.

You will find our agents sharing seller and buyer leads because they don’t fear to lose a seller or buyer to a colleague. The client will benefit the most from this business model because you will get more than a dozen agents assisting you to get a home. If you are selling your property, it will take the combined effort of all our agents to market your property. They also network with online advertisers, print experts, our support team and industry peers to get you the best deal.

Looking Ahead

Some agents still believe that they can still do it alone despite the current changes within the real estate industry. The truth of the matter is that a single agent cannot meet the expectations of luxury clients. When you choose Azroy Group to sell or buy a property, you get the whole team of dedicated professionals working around the clock to give you the finest real estate deals.