Marketing Your Home


One fact that Azroy Group appreciates when it comes to selling property is the power of an aggressively executed and well-convinced marketing plan. Our marketing strategy keeps on evolving to adapt to the changing needs of the market. Currently, we incorporate a cutting-edge technology in our marketing strategy that displays the property we are selling to a massive pool of potential buyers in the global market.

Apart from social media and online marketing that dominate the modern marketing environment, we embrace some of the traditional marketing tools that are highly effective.  Some of these approaches include continuously networking with our peers, direct marketing, and print marketing. Our desire is to sell your property within the shortest time possible and give you maximum returns on the investment.

Overview of Our Marketing Plan

Development of the Collateral

  • We have highly skilled photographers who will take extensive photos of your property
  • We will use our copywriters to craft an excellent marketing verbiage for the property you want to sell
  • Our in-house marketing team will create and print the brochure of the property on sale and include a floor plan if you have one.

Online Advertising

  • Our team will post your property on several websites
  • We have a network of proprietary websites whose primary purpose is to generate buyer leads which translate into showing the present listings
  • We will create awareness of your property among all our Twitter and Facebook followers

Print Advertisement

  • We will place your property in rotational publications that are common in the market
  • Our marketing team will send a direct mail piece to the neighboring homesteads to inform them of the availability of your house.

E-mail Marketing

  • We send “e-blasts” to our proprietor database of both nationwide and global realtors who focus on the luxury marketplace as well as our homegrown Realtor’s proprietary database that focuses on homes that fall within our price range.
  • We will also include your property in the “market update” emails that we do on a weekly basis and forward to our customer database

Realtor Marketing

  • We will make sure that we list your home to several Listing Service database
  • We will implement the above email marketing strategy
  • Our team will post your home on the Realtors tour
  • We will network with our colleagues to ensure that the whole real estate community is aware of your property


General Marketing

  • We will place a sign on your home
  • We will hold open houses if we find it appropriate

Apart from the above activities, our team networks with all our colleagues in the market to create the awareness of the property within the region. We continually use new media and methods to experiment as we strive to expose our listings to all potential buyers and industry professionals.  Our goal is to use the minimum time possible to get you a buyer that will give you the highest return on investment.